Who Am I?

I will not write in the third person. This is me. The actual photographer. Welcome to alansphotos.com, Images by Alan C. Wade.

The practice of photography for me is a journey, one of learning that started when I was about 12 years old, but didn’t get really serious till I was, let’s just say beyond my years of mid-life crisis. It was my younger brother that struck the spark in me while I observed his work in photography. His name is Mark Steven Wade also known as BluemarblePhotography at bluemarblephotography.smugmug.com. Mark presented in his writings of photography a philosophy that breaks from the conventional form of photographing. With these tools, the digital camera and various lenses coupled with computer software, image creation becomes an adventure.

The images, of course, are not everyone’s cup of tea. What each photographer sees in his story is not necessarily what the casual observer sees. Nevertheless, if you pause with your gaze a story just might be told. Some can be simple; others challenge us to turn on the mind of imagination.

FineArtAmerica/Pixels is the company used to fulfill purchases made. Images purchased will be without a signature watermark.